Next Africa Mission
Education is essential need for the future of any nation.
Our mission – to deliver great service which makes education really affordable to more and more students via E-Learning at Schools and Universities across the Africa

Solutions Next Africa

1.Unlimited Bandwidth Internet Connection at a Great Cost

We provide:

1.Interconnection for Schools/Universities in one united network within country. The key to sharing governmental education programs and gather statistics.

2.Helping to international education organizations to establish branches and provide remote education solution.

3.Affordable Internet Access.
•VSAT hardware kit
•Installation of VSAT hardware
•Unlimited internet access
2. Multi-level E-Learning Support for Schools and Universities in Africa

We supply:

Hardware (Computers for e-learning, Projectors, Interactive hardware, Intelligence boards, etc.)

Software (School CRM, Attendance, Registration for new and returning students, General Schools Information Services, School Results Publishing, Student yearbook pages/database)

Security and monitoring system

Our contacts
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